Monday, 25 April 2011

peer assesment on Nikhil's group.

Nikhil's group pitch was very interesting because his group had different views on what a persuassive leaflet should contain and look like. They thought that for someone to pick up a leaflet and want to read it there should be a simple piece of text on the front which is very interesting. Though the pitch for their leaflet was good their pitch for their advert was very confusing. Each of them had a differnet view on what the advert should be like. Next time i think that for them too come to a conclusion on what advert to film they should draw up several storyboards and either combined them or choose from the ones the had drawn up. Also another thing about the pitching was that Dilan was dominating the pitch, Leo managed to get in a few words about the storyboard but we couldn't see or hear Nikhil.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Our Deconstructed Leaflet By Jordan Benbelaid & Khushal Pindolia What do they do? To help young people make their own lives easier and lighter, safer and stronger, healthier and happier by providing safe and effective mentoring relation- ships and resources to enable young people to talk about what matters to them, discover new things, develop their skills and create a life they are really proud of. The good thing about the leaflet is that there is alot of information about the company on the leaflet, the fill in form is very clear about what information was needed, the logo and slogan are very effective and are relevant to what the company is. There are quotes from past users and that is a reassuring point showing that the company are trustworthy. The leaflet is also a good way to show how people can donateand the contact details are clear and are relevant because people need a way to access the people if they have a problem. The bad thing about this leaflet is that there is not uch information about the future and past of the company, the fill form is way too long and you would not want to fill the whole thing because it takes up a half of the leaflet and the background colour is really distracting because of the colours and the patterns please visit this website to see the leaflet
Lifespace Stories
Storyboard of Advert.

Short advert 2

Short advert 1

Advert 1

Life space leaflet PDF