Monday, 25 April 2011

peer assesment on Nikhil's group.

Nikhil's group pitch was very interesting because his group had different views on what a persuassive leaflet should contain and look like. They thought that for someone to pick up a leaflet and want to read it there should be a simple piece of text on the front which is very interesting. Though the pitch for their leaflet was good their pitch for their advert was very confusing. Each of them had a differnet view on what the advert should be like. Next time i think that for them too come to a conclusion on what advert to film they should draw up several storyboards and either combined them or choose from the ones the had drawn up. Also another thing about the pitching was that Dilan was dominating the pitch, Leo managed to get in a few words about the storyboard but we couldn't see or hear Nikhil.

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